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We are a group of experts specializing in accounting, taxation, and IT. Our accountants are equipped with globally recognized CPA qualifications and have extensive experience in the Big Four accounting firms. Meanwhile, our IT specialists are entrepreneurs, managers, and engineers with successful business track records.

CanCan's Consulting Services Include:


Audit support

As a group of Certified Practising Accountants, we deliver the best quality of work to assist our clients in meeting audit requirements for their financial reports under different jurisdictions.
  • Liaison between management and auditors
  • Preparation of financial statements
  • Advisory on GAAP conversion
  • Strategic support related to new/existing applicable authoritative pronouncements
  • Advisory on complex accounting treatments
  • Assistance with internal control frameworks and requirements
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Fund raising support

A startup with a brilliant business idea is aiming to get its operations up and running. Fund raising activities are common and necessary for businesses seeking to expand their operation and support future development.
  • Preparation of financial projection and valuation
  • Preparation financial statement complied with applicable accounting standard
  • Conducting a shareholding (Cap table) scenario analysis by presenting capitalization table on potential dilution impact
  • Acting as your CFO in discussions with investor and understanding their requirements
  • Support you when the investor performs Financial Due Diligence on your company
  • Propose term sheet to the investor on investment terms, or review term sheet from investors
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Financial due diligence

We act as trusted consultants to the investment funds to carry out tailor-made financial due diligence procedures on the target companies’ financial data.
  • Detailed and specific tasks that are tailor-made to special circumstances of the target company such as matching on revenue amounts to supporting evidence or checking on outstanding liabilities.
  • Site visits to the target companies and spending quality time with the founders and senior management to conduct interviews on important operation data such as calculation on cost of acquisition of new users.
  • Validating the assumptions on the financial projections provided by target companies to the potential investors.
  • Preparation of a comprehensive due diligence report covering the industries key control points such as revenue recognition, gross and net profitability, hidden liabilities, understatement of tax liabilities, understatement of social securities, and verifying assets held.
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IPO preparation and support

Preparation for the listing process requires at least 2–3 years of rigorous planning in advance. We can assist with the reorganization of our clients to meet requirements of the listing regulations as well as prepare for the long-term fund-raising targets of the company.
  • Preparing your finance team for the IPO
  • As your outsourced finance function, prepare your financials to be ready to be audited by Big-4 auditors
  • Assisting your team on the due diligence process with the relevant professionals on your business and financial affairs
  • Managing the IPO process including co-ordination of other professionals involved in the process
  • Drafting of financial sections within the prospectus, including Business Model, Management Discussion & Analysis, and Pro-Forma financial sections
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Restructuring is the act of changing the business model of an organization to transform it for a better, smoother business operation for continuous growth and potential expansion.
  • From your current group structure, review the jurisdictions you are required to be compliant
  • Review the tax laws and regulations in each jurisdiction
  • Provide insight on improvements to your cashflow and operational flow, and its potential tax exposure
  • Recommend a group restructure that best fits your group, with a tax exposure you can accept
  • Perform a Transfer Pricing assessment
  • Execute the reorganisation process including preparation of documents for the transfer of shares, including statutory filings and update of company records
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ESOP design & implementation

Employee Share Option (Ownership) Plan (ESOP) refers to scheme that gives an employee the right to purchase shares in a company at a specific pre-determined price on or after specific dates under the plan.

There are many alterations and variants for companies to grant shares to its employees, and we can help setting up such a scheme for our clients.

After receiving the shares, staff may also face various tax issues regarding the ESOP. We step in to help our clients’ staff plan to advise for their tax payments.

We have helped many start-up companies setting up their ESOP scheme, and a few pre-IPO companies in planning employee’s tax arising from the share compensation, including setting up offshore trust companies and subsequently transferring such options into the trust company for employee tax planning.

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