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CanCan is a cloud based SaaS that instantly records and provides consolidated reports of your global business. By being able to track the financials of a multi-company structure, CanCan gives you accurate data necessary to prepare budgets and KPIs in the most efficient manner possible. CanCan was designed by CFOs for CFOs to make your life easier.

CanCan Group provides information on the most relevant accounting standards, corporate laws and regulations, and conducts analyses on the resulting impact faced by the company.
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Automate Your Finance Operations

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CanCan formed to fill in the need for e-commerce companies who sell products to overseas customers; as well as advertising firms and consultants who have cross border businesses. These are usually multi-location businesses that use multiple currencies, making it difficult to see a combined operating result without excessive manual input. Under CanCan, all entities can be brought together and combined automatically with currency conversion taken care of, allowing the CFO to get the big picture on the entire group instantly. We also help CFOs quickly access accurate financial information from their companies through technology-driven services with transparency.
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Multi-Company Financial Management
Our financial management system supports multiple entities in China and around the world, all under one system
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Business Financial Data Integration
Our system can automatically generate financial data throughout the business process
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Multi-Company Financial Dashboard
Get the big picture on your entire group’s financial situation all on one page
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Multi-Dimensional Budget Control
Budgets can divide into categories such as department, projects, companies etc.
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Project Management
Managing finances based on the project dimension, cash flow analysis, and profit statements
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Robust Reimbursement Process
with Built-in Approval System
Robust reimbursement process with built in approval system gives you better control over the company’s outflows. The application is processed directly and quickly via our CanCan App.
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Synchronized Bank Statements
Bank transactions flow securely into CanCan - Synchronize the bank statement to our software
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One-Click Emails
Email invoices and reminders to your customers in one click
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Currency Exchange
System automatically calculates exchange rate gains and losses through the translation of foreign currency denominated balances
CANCAN is trusted by over 2,000 companies

Frequently Asked Questions

New user? Let’s get started with these basics.
Do you offer the service of opening a Hong Kong company?

Yes we help our clients setup Hong Kong companies. You can see this page for more information: Company Formation

Our company has very few staff, do we need to allocate a lot of manpower to run CanCan?

No, the system was designed to automate the finance process, even if you don't have finance staff, you can easily store all payments.

We have been using other accounting software before. How can we transfer the data into CanCan?

You can select the appropriate date and input your opening balances as at that date into CanCan.

Is CanCan software free to use?

Yes! Our solo version allows you to try some of CanCan’s best features, free of charge! Please click here for more details.

Are we able to synchronize China bank statements to this software?

Yes, there is a function to import the bank statements into CanCan

Are all functions in the CanCan App too?

Our CanCan app mainly supports all reimbursement, payment, application and approval processes.

How many languages can CanCan support?

Currently CanCan can support 3 languages which are Chinese (Traditional), Chinese (Simplified) and English

Can every one create a project in CanCan?

The admin account can set access rights for other members accordingly.

What is the budget function in CanCan?

CanCan can set a yearly budget to compare actual vs budgeted results.

If our company have no manpower to run CanCan, can we pay an extra fee and CanCan will run it for us?

Yes, Please kindly contact us via email to further details.

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